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* roles/sshdns: Rename dns configHEADtrunkRomain Gonçalves2021-08-271-1/+1
* Merge branch 'workstation' of st0dev0:_infrastructure/ansible into workstationRomain Gonçalves2021-08-270-0/+0
| * workstation: Scaffold pip for userland onlyRomain Gonçalves2021-08-231-1/+4
| * roles/workstation: Monolithic role for workstationRomain Gonçalves2021-08-168-53/+122
* | OpenBSD updateRomain Gonçalves2021-08-268-8/+117
* | workstation: Scaffold pip for userland onlyRomain Gonçalves2021-08-231-1/+4
* | roles/workstation: Monolithic role for workstationRomain Gonçalves2021-08-238-53/+122
* | files: Bump ssh keys for xpsRomain Gonçalves2021-08-231-1/+1
* Bump to third revision of homelabRomain Gonçalves2021-07-2977-1365/+747
* roles/update: Ignore current version for openbsdRomain Gonçalves2021-05-061-0/+1
* roles/_workstation: Fix apm/resume executionRomain Gonçalves2021-05-062-4/+12
* roles/_workstation: Ignore packages errorsRomain Gonçalves2021-05-061-0/+2
* roles/nfsclient: Ignore errno17Romain Gonçalves2021-05-051-0/+4
* roles/factorio: Move vars to defaults dirRomain Gonçalves2021-05-051-0/+0
* config: Clean typoRomain Gonçalves2021-05-052-17/+18
* st0cld0: Move nfsd to nextcloud dependenciesRomain Gonçalves2021-05-042-9/+13
* roles/bhyve: Use computed variables for vmsRomain Gonçalves2021-05-042-30/+46
* roles/bhyve: Use bhyve_dirRomain Gonçalves2021-05-031-6/+7
* roles/update: Init default usages and actionsRomain Gonçalves2021-05-038-2/+63
* sshdns: Refactor role for _workstation onlyRomain Gonçalves2021-05-038-59/+47
* groups_vars/all: Fix header messageRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-2/+1
* README: Detail userland setupRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-0/+14
* roles/postgres: Bypass become failRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-2/+4
* roles/bhyve: Fix variable mustachesRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-1/+1
* roles/nextcloud: Refactor configuration filesRomain Gonçalves2021-04-294-21/+211
* stack0: Increase vms specsRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-3/+3
* st0dev0: Disable unused servicesRomain Gonçalves2021-04-291-15/+0
* _workstation: Reset vpn and network on resumeRomain Gonçalves2021-04-262-0/+8
* bhyve: Use default and cleaner controlRomain Gonçalves2021-04-262-7/+6
* cld0: Fix wrong name for serviceRomain Gonçalves2021-04-261-2/+1
* pf: Use macrosRomain Gonçalves2021-04-171-7/+3
* relayd: Use macros for shorter templateRomain Gonçalves2021-04-173-31/+49
* Makefile: Fire hosts quicklyRomain Gonçalves2021-04-171-0/+27
* relayd: Verify syntax for configuration fileRomain Gonçalves2021-04-171-2/+5
* Gpg2 requires daemon backend with pcscdRomain Gonçalves2021-04-041-0/+1
* Tinker doas and user for musl systemsRomain Gonçalves2021-04-045-10/+16
* Add daemons and groups for voidlinuxRomain Gonçalves2021-04-031-0/+21
* Add packages for voidlinuxRomain Gonçalves2021-04-031-0/+16
* Simplify tag namesRomain Gonçalves2021-04-031-5/+5
* Packages are now managed with ansible builtin and sub-arraybinary2021-03-263-124/+109
* Xz is required for archive format and tarbinary2021-03-251-0/+1
* Add htpasswd directorybinary2021-03-251-1/+7
* Refactor networks playbooks in sub-playbooksbinary2021-03-254-5/+16
* Add mardkwon and torrent packagesbinary2021-03-252-3/+5
* OpenBSD requires specific file descriptor configbinary2021-03-253-0/+129
* Bring back factorio to public servicesbinary2021-03-251-0/+6
* Fix alpine quirks automaticallybinary2021-03-254-13/+39
* New pubkey for xps laptopbinary2021-03-251-1/+1
* Get rid of deprecated agnostic variablesbinary2021-03-193-9/+1
* Update glibc to 2.33binary2021-03-192-2/+7
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