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See [my dotfiles](https://git.rgoncalves.se/dots/tree/.config/pipewire) for
additional information.
+## headset microphone
+The built-in microphone controller might automatically switch to a smartphone
+headset microphone if one is plugged. It may be a problem for one of the
+following reasons:
+- The microphone quality can be worse than the chassis one, depending on what
+ model or brand you use.
+- Apple EarPods do not work out-of-the-box, mostly because of different
+ resistors for its 4-pin jack.
+On ArchLinux, running `hdajackretask` as root and disabling the smartphone
+headset microphone is a solution.
+The generated configuration in `/etc/modprobe.d/` can be similar as the
+following one:
+options snd-hda-intel patch=hda-jack-retask.fw,hda-jack-retask.fw,hda-jack-retask.fw,hda-jack-retask.fw
## audio led buttons
On some ThinkPad models, audio led buttons can be broken and desynchronized
remember that computers suck.