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+title: Status update, January 2022
+date: 2022-01-19
+## Thinkpad madness
+I am crazy about ThinkPads. Should I keep using my X220, or invest in a shiny
+X230 with an i7 processor?
+I have a very pleasant experience with my X220. I have been using it for more
+than a year as a daily driver, oscillating between OpenBSD and ArchLinux. For
+the past month, I have been using it as my work device too. Other computers,
+laptops and secondary screens have been switched-off.
+The X220 handles very well multiples microservices, docker containers, tmux
+sessions, and two or three different web browsers running simultaneously.
+However, I have encountered two problems:
+- The microphone can generate static noises
+- And the internal fan can be *very* loud
+The microphone issues can easily be fixed by correctly loading some
+[pulseaudio/pipewire settings](https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Lenovo_ThinkPad_X220#Microphone)
+and placing the internal microphone and network cables correctly, without
+creating interferences. However, even after repasting and cleaning the fan and
+heatsink, the X220 is still loud. Some users recommend to
+[install a new fan with a specific FRU](https://old.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/7uyjiv/best_x230_fan_for_x220).
+So, should I switch to an X230 for the extra-performances? Maybe yes, maybe no.
+I'll keep using my X220 for now!
+## Work setup
+The X220 has been installed on one of my Ultrabase Series 3, and is standing on
+a 10 bucks book stand.
+I am the happy owner of two YubiKey 5C. But using a male *USB-A to female USB-C*
+adapter is not practical with the X220, and even more when I am on the move or
+in the train. Yes, I have hacked and soldered the same adapter on the
+motherboard of one of my other X220 -the USB-A plug was dead-, but it is a
+non-reversible process. Therefore, I have decided to invest in a YubiKey Nano.
+It works and fit in the chassis perfectly, I can be on the move and not forget
+nor lost it. Multiple issues:
+- The point of using an external device is to be able to unplug that same device
+ when no decryption/signing operation is expected. Now it is stuck in the
+ X220's chassis, and my finger are now able to trigger it randomly!
+- I want to trust Yubico, but I bet that we are going to see security issues
+ or zero days in the next decade. Alternatives such as
+ [somu](https://solokeys.com/products/somu-tiny-security-key-two-factor-authentication-u2f-and-fido2-usb-a)
+ exist, but the lack of PGP support is a no go for me.
+But yes, touching the security key is enabled and required for all operations!
+## Legal cheats
+I have just discovered that [cheat.sh](https://cheat.sh) not only returns
+helpful cheatsheets for a variety of commands -that I knew- but also allows
+free form queries such as:
+$ curl cheat.sh/python/list+comprehension
+$ curl cheat.sh/zsh/git+status
+$ curl cheat.sh/dwm/compile
+$ curl cheat.sh/ksh/completion
+I have spotted missing cheatsheets, such as `ipmitools` or `ykman`. Maybe
+something worth contributing?
+The `how to succeed in life` is also missing. Hopefully this will be completed
+in the next decades!
remember that computers suck.