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+title: Status update, December 2021
+date: 2021-12-19
+## Software development
+Quick update about my software development experience from [last
+- Writing custom linters for configuration files may be helpful for enforcing
+ consistency with the takeovers I have to deal with. Possible tools:
+ - [yamllint](https://github.com/adrienverge/yamllint)
+ - [dhall](https://dhall-lang.org)
+- Why microservices? Why? [^1] [^2]
+- Considering to play around with `The Go Programming Language`.
+## Infrastructure
+Once again, I have rebuilt from scratch my infrastructure setup with
+[ansible](https://github.com/ansible/ansible), even if I haven't tried
+[cdist](https://www.cdi.st/manual/latest) yet! Legacy modules have mostly been
+copied and pasted, then modified to pass `ansible-lint` and have consistent and
+sane defaults.
+> [Check the latest
+> changes](https://git.rgoncalves.se/_infrastructure/infrastructure/log).
+In fact I have been fluent with ansible for more than two years, mainly because
+of the following reasons:
+- The documentation is complete and very detailled;
+- A lot of community modules and plugins are available;
+- Industry standard?
+And today I have submitted my first pull request for ansible, aiming to add
+`package_facts` support for OpenBSD!
+[^1]: One of the many videos from Kai Hendry that I enjoyed
+ watching https://yewtu.be/watch?v=clagrT5BC7g
+[^2]: There are always such threads on hn ;-)
+ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29576352
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